Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Experiences

The face which is visible is that of my wife Sow Padmavathy Somidevi who remained in her meditation under the age old (age unknown) Akshaya Vat in a dense forest a few kilometers away from Naimisharanyam and this area falls in the root of Parikrama. Please make the photo little brighter and you will notice the tree behind my wife.

"Rishyah Sownakaadaya...." Maharishi Suka Brahma and such other great sages lived in Naimisharanyam. Suka Brahma (Suka - Parrot) believbly preferred me as his resting place and the photograph is taken in Naimisharanyam.

We never intended to give any information which could not be verified either physically or otherwise and myself and my wife tried to share our opinions impartially with all of you for the past forty years plus. The blog created in the name of is yet, another trial of ours to post all those papers written by us from time to time so that preferably accurate information is given to all of you. Surely, we have our constraints, we could not produce documentary evidences or sometimes even logical evidences to some of our feelings. Readers who do not agree with some of our feelings are requested to skip such matters. We may also be suggested by the learned readers to modify, rethink of the approach, so that a corrective action could be taken from our side. None of the blogs are meant for enforcing our ideology in any manner whatsoever. It is for a simple sharing of information.

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Raghav said...

It is excellent daddy. The photo with tree behind amma is truly astonishing. There are few who see it with their own eyes and feel it with their own hearts.