Friday, April 25, 2008

Maharishi Dhadichi Kund - 20 km from Naimisharanyam

The photograph is taken on 16th on our way back to Delhi and the place is called as "Maharishi Dhadhichi Kund" Maharishi Dhadhichi is son on Atharva Rishi and is the father of Maharishi Pippalada. According to the Puranaas, Lord Indra requested Maharishi Dhadhichi to give his vertebral so that an instrument could be made in the name of Vajrayudha to fight the demons who are causing damages to the Human race. Maharishi Dhadhichi Accepted for the proposal in the interest and welfare of human beings whereupon he gave up his life at this place.

This is the great Maharishi Dhadhichi who could his life for the welfare of mankind.

This is the sacred place where Maharishi Dhadhichi sacrificed his backbone.

This photograph is that of his son Maharishi Pippalada

This is the Tapobhoomi of Maharishi Dhadhichi. Myself and my wife had the opportunity of saluting the place and the photograph is taken in that regard.

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