Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Experiences

The face which is visible is that of my wife Sow Padmavathy Somidevi who remained in her meditation under the age old (age unknown) Akshaya Vat in a dense forest a few kilometers away from Naimisharanyam and this area falls in the root of Parikrama. Please make the photo little brighter and you will notice the tree behind my wife.

"Rishyah Sownakaadaya...." Maharishi Suka Brahma and such other great sages lived in Naimisharanyam. Suka Brahma (Suka - Parrot) believbly preferred me as his resting place and the photograph is taken in Naimisharanyam.

We never intended to give any information which could not be verified either physically or otherwise and myself and my wife tried to share our opinions impartially with all of you for the past forty years plus. The blog created in the name of is yet, another trial of ours to post all those papers written by us from time to time so that preferably accurate information is given to all of you. Surely, we have our constraints, we could not produce documentary evidences or sometimes even logical evidences to some of our feelings. Readers who do not agree with some of our feelings are requested to skip such matters. We may also be suggested by the learned readers to modify, rethink of the approach, so that a corrective action could be taken from our side. None of the blogs are meant for enforcing our ideology in any manner whatsoever. It is for a simple sharing of information.

Wonderful Shivalinga and diamond drops ?

See the beauty of the Shiva Linga and the way in which it accepts the Milk in the shape of diamonds. Are you not thrilled to see the wonderful circles created on the Shiva Linga when we were performing Shiva Abhishek ?

The same place and the same linga. Now you can see (keenly observe) two flows - one is milk and the other - water. Water too desired to dance on the head of Lord Shiva is a different fashion ?

Shri Satyanarayana Vratam - Pancha Loha Idol of Bhagavan Naarayan

This is a beautifully carved Pancha Loha Idol of Bhagavan Shri Naarayana whom we worshipped while performing Shri Satyanarayana Vratam on 15th March 2008. It is believed that Naimisharanyam is the birth place for Shri Satyanarayana Katha.

Photograph of Maharishi Dhadhichi Father - Atharva Rishi

This is the place of Maharishi Atharva - father of Maharishi Dhadhichi.

Maharishi Dhadichi Kund - 20 km from Naimisharanyam

The photograph is taken on 16th on our way back to Delhi and the place is called as "Maharishi Dhadhichi Kund" Maharishi Dhadhichi is son on Atharva Rishi and is the father of Maharishi Pippalada. According to the Puranaas, Lord Indra requested Maharishi Dhadhichi to give his vertebral so that an instrument could be made in the name of Vajrayudha to fight the demons who are causing damages to the Human race. Maharishi Dhadhichi Accepted for the proposal in the interest and welfare of human beings whereupon he gave up his life at this place.

This is the great Maharishi Dhadhichi who could his life for the welfare of mankind.

This is the sacred place where Maharishi Dhadhichi sacrificed his backbone.

This photograph is that of his son Maharishi Pippalada

This is the Tapobhoomi of Maharishi Dhadhichi. Myself and my wife had the opportunity of saluting the place and the photograph is taken in that regard.

Shri Balaji Temple - Naimisharanyam

We performed Havan in Shri balaji Temple which was constructed 20 years ago or so by one Mr Ramachary of Vijayawada. Presently the Temple is maintaining 25 cows and 11 students for vedic studies. They have constructed a few rooms for stay by visitors and this particular temple site was offered in the initial stages by His Holiness Shri Shri Shri Naradaananda Saraswathi Swamiji who actually brought the past glory to the place. It is only on account of him people are feeling comfort to visit this place.
At this stage I may have to mention what exactly took place on 15th March. All of us requested the temple authorities to make preparation for food distribution and accordingly the temple people cooperated. In the morning hours we sat in the temple complex just a few yards away from Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple. We completed our Sandhyavandan, Ouposana Homa Vidhi, Brahma Yagnam, Upasana of the Ista Devata etc. Just before the commencement of individual panchayanta Pooja, it appears I lost conciousness for sometime and told my other friends that the three Divine forces - Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva - together in the shape of Dattatreya are visiting the place to bless the team.
I do not remember what exactly I said since I was out of consiousness at that particular few minutes time. A few minutes later, a tall sadhu wearing saffron robes entered with a danda in his hand, followed by another tall sadhu with a different kind of clothes and his body was totally applied with bhasma - the sacred ash, and the third gentleman wearing Shri Vishnu Naama on his forehead. All of them went straight to Shri Srinivasa Rao - one of our friends in the team and asked him whether he would recognize any one of them.
They said that they knew very well Shri Srinivasa Rao and they said that Srinivasa Rao is a follower of Datta Sampradaaya. Shri Srinivasa Rao told them that he never saw them nor knew any of them. Later they sat in front of me and my wife when I was performing Panchayatana Pooja. They were murmoring and talking within themselves. They sat till the completion of the pooja and as usual I offered them a part of the Nivedan of the day. They gladly accepted the same and offered Bhasma in return. All my team mates were given the sacred ash when I requested them to make me wear the Bhasma and accordingly they did it. Just then Shri Sivarama Sastry one of our team members realized the scene and he desired to take a photograph or a videograph or atleast a snap using the mobile. We could not find them in the meantime and to our surprise there is no such great pillar like where they could hide themselves. This incident took place just a few yards away from the Havan Kundam shown in the photograph.

This is the photograph of Vedic students of the temple. They manage themselves with all their curiocity to undergo vedic studies and upkeep the hindu culture, and stay in themple with meagre means of living. We know several such places in India and we know a few hundreds of such interested students. Think for a while - that they did not go for the vedic education, what would have been our fate and the fate of our children. We would not have got a priest for rituals, marriages or ceremonies. This is the fate of the Vedic Studies in India.

We brought clothes needed for them and offered them to wear instantly. Perhaps the amount of happiness which we could see in their faces is an unmatching happiness for whatever is available on the holy earth.
"Yagna Daana Tapah Karma Na Tyajyam Karya Meva Tat, Yagno Daanam Tapachaiva Paavanaani Maneesheenam" - Geetha 18 -5th slok.
Nothing comes with us, only the results of the good deeds and sacrifices.